The best presentation software in 2022  make it easy to create slides that look professional and professional without giving off a "this is a template" vibe. Even the standard PowerPoint alternatives have new key features that make it easy to collaborate and quickly create slideshows so you can spend more of your time preparing for your presentation.

What makes a great presentation app?

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The Best New PowerPoint PPT Presentation Templates of 2022

PowerPoint is a great program for creating professional PowerPoint templates. Let's look at how to use pre-built best PowerPoint slide templates to get started. The best PowerPoint presentation templates are available.

Get a head start with the best PowerPoint presentation templates. Are you looking for the best PowerPoint themes available? These are the latest PowerPoint presentations available on Envato Elements. We have compiled some of the most popular PowerPoint presentation themes. You can find hundreds of the best PowerPoint templates to use immediately in 2022.


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Put an end to boring PowerPoint presentations

Most PowerPoint users have difficulty keeping up with the latest developments. Even if you have a great PowerPoint routine, there are always new features and design trends that require master slides to be updated. This can lead to your audience losing interest and getting bored. This is what you want to avoid. 79 percent of people believe that most presentations are boring.

This presentation template is great for people involved in customer services. This presentation template is bold and elegant and can be used for presenting all types of statistics and figures. It features clean slides with large fonts and creative data widgets to visualize statistics. There is even a customizable bar graph.

Project Status Report Presentation

This template is perfect for updating your bosses, colleagues, or top management about the status and progress of your projects. It comes in a classic color scheme with lots of charts, graphs, and data widgets to help you explain your project visually.

Employee Onboarding Presentation

This onboarding presentation template is an excellent choice for HR departments that want to educate new employees. This template has over 15 ready-to-use slides. It uses a bold, black-and-white color scheme with a splash of color. It can be used as-is, or you can modify the colors to suit your company s brand.

This research presentation template will help you bring your data to life. It contains 13 slides that feature a variety of data visualizations. These can be customized to include bar graphs, pie charts, colorful maps pictographs, and even radials.

 Meeting Agenda Presentation

This solid template for company meetings includes 15 well-designed slides. This template contains everything you need for presenting your meeting agenda. It includes checklists and Gantt charts as well as a timeline. You can mix and match your details to communicate all the details with ease.

Complete Business Solutions PowerPoint Template can be used to present large amounts of data in a professional presentation template.

 Sales Report Presentation

The perfect sales report is possible! This sales presentation template is vibrant and upbeat. It's ideal for showing your boss or managers strong numbers. It includes 9 slides with data visualizations in bold fonts.

This template for press releases is professional and sleek. This template can be used to present company news and information, as well as to maintain your reputation. You can personalize each slide with your branding and custom content.