Hello Asma,


After you login, go to Dashboard and under Practice Round 1 > click Homework. Under Assignment click > Review and do the 7 questions.

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To get to the data to answer the questions do the following: Dashboard and under Practice Round 1 > click decisions. Launch the web spreadsheet. Click > continue as draft.  You don’t have to enter any data just view the data to provide the analysis. View the data under  Decisions, Proformas and Reports. My team is the ‘Baldwin” team so only view the data from my team to do the analysis. Just click file exit to exit please do not save. I uploaded some but all supporting files if you need them can be found by going  to Dashboard and under Practice Round 1click > Round 0 Reports. I really need this by 9 am EST June 6 2013 If you have any questions, please advise.


Thank you.

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