Social Media personas that prefer drinking Coca-Cola every day.

Interim Report 1


Social Media personas that prefer drinking Coca-Cola every day.

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Coca-Cola Numerator Brand Snapshot



1. That information I found help me a lot to build those social media personas, I can easily find that people under age 24 and higher than 44 are more likely to buy Coca-Cola, and then the Hispanic people are more likely to purchase Coca-Cola. And it explains the consumer into different perspectives like Demographics, brand affinity, Channels shopped etc.


Coca-Cola numerator Brand Snapshot,

2. Firstly, we can easily find the followers from each social channel to find which is the most effective platform to use, and which is the one we need more improvement. Secondly, social media audit will help us find the engagement metrics for each post and top performing posts, so we can find what kind of post that people like the most. And thirdly, we can check the average reactions and what kind of reactions people have on each post.

3. For the latest post from Coca-Cola Facebook, some reactions or comment are bad, for example, “Be less Coke” and a Pepsi picture below it; “You love your fans so long as they aren’t white”; “I remember when their slogan was ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony’. Guess those days are gone. Most people are mad for Coca-Cola.

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