Presentation “Future Leader’s Self-Reflection”

Presentation “Future Leader’s Self-Reflection”


This assignment is your key project during this course and it holds a value of 25% of your final mark.

You have to reflect on your personality traits, skills, abilities, values, approaches, etc. though the prism of the course content and present your findings in the format of Powerpoint slides.

To get a good grade for this assignment, ensure that:

1. You demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the course and ability to apply course concepts to your personal settings and future career

2. You demonstrate a decent level of self-awareness and critical thinking

3. You provide thorough in-depth analysis, supporting it with data and/or personal examples if needed

4. Frameworks, ideas, concept and terminology from each class are used in your presentation (it is recommended that you assign 2-3 slides for the topic of each class to keep your slides balanced)

5. Your ideas are clear and logically structured

6. Each part of your reflection ends with solid conclusions and specific action plans

7. Professional terminology is incorporated naturally and used appropriately

8. Your slides use correct grammar, punctuation and vocabulary appropriate for an MBA-level course.


This assignment correlates with your posts on the Task Forum. You are encouraged to use some ideas from these posts in your presentation, but you have to go beyond them to get a good grade.

Before you start working on your presentation, you should thoroughly explore the grading rubric below and clearly identify key elements based on which your presentation will be assessed.


Grading Rubric for Assignment #3


Criteria Unacceptable Excellent

· Provided thorough evaluation of their own personality traits, skills, abilities, values, approaches, etc. in relation to the topics of the course

· Provided necessary personal examples

· Evaluation was objective and well-balanced

· Discussed each supporting point thoroughly and clearly

· Supported assertions with research



0-18 19-25 26-30


Integration of concepts from the textbook and other sources

· Naturally incorporated multiple ideas, frameworks and concepts from each class into the slides

· Used professional terminology extensively and appropriately throughout the slides

· Tied self-reflection, course content and research together



0-18 19-25 26-30



Conclusions and Action Plans

· Each part of the presentation ended with clear, specific and relevant conclusions

· Action plans were specific and realistic; they closely correlated with problems identified


0-12 13-16 17-20


Professionalism of the document

· Presentation overall was engaging for the audience, various Powerpoint design tools used

· Correct grammar and spelling, appropriate vocabulary used

· Presentation had required length (25-30 slides)

· All used sources were cited properly




0-12 13-16 17-20


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