Final Presentation of Marketing Planning Project Type of Assignment: Individual or Team

Final Presentation of Marketing Planning Project

Type of Assignment: Individual or Team


Total Points: 100 total points


Assignment Objective(s):

By the end of this project, students should be able to:

1. Apply marketing theories and concepts to a specific hospitality or tourism enterprise.

1. Use strategic marketing planning terms, concepts and methods.

1. Demonstrate analytical, research and observational skills.

1. Justify marketing-related decisions using data and logic.

1. Express ideas in writing citing sources appropriately for a business document.

1. Presents findings compellingly and with poise, supported by creative, engaging visuals.


This assignment is the signature assessment for the Hospitality Management Program Learning Outcome PLO-4: Marketing: Students will be able to apply marketing and sales principles, tools and techniques to solve hospitality business problems.

Assignment Description:

This assignment requires students to present a comprehensive marketing plan for a hospitality business, assembled from 8 smaller assignments developed throughout the course. The deliverable is in powerpoint associated with a 15 – 20 minutes in-class presentation demonstrating application of the following 8 core marketing concepts: Environmental Analysis, Market Segmentation, Internal Analysis and Objectives, Competitive Positioning, Marketing Strategies (4Ps), Promotional Mix, Value Proposition and Communications Strategy, and Budget/ROI.

Assignment instructions: Students should create a powerpoint presentation that summarizes the marketing planning conducted in assignments 1 – 8. The powerpoint should be no more than 15 – 20 slides and be able to be presented in approximately 15 minutes covering the following topics:

1. Name and Description of the Hospitality or Tourism Business

1. Macro-Environmental Analysis

1. Target Segment Profiles

1. Internal Analysis and Objectives

1. Competitive Analysis and Positioning

1. Marketing Strategies (the 4Ps)

1. Promotional Mix (online and offline)

1. Communications Strategy (include a Value Proposition)

1. Budget and ROI (Return on Investment)



The powerpoint slides should be visual, engaging, and creative with no typos or grammatical errors. Presenters should show enthusiasm and confidence and be able to answer questions about their recommendations.


Grading Rubric: See detailed grading rubric for this assignment.

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