Debate PowerPoint Presentation

Debate PowerPoint Presentation


Most people perceive international public administration to be a set  of state structures, institutions, and processes. Opponents of  globalization argue that it weakens states, making it difficult for them  to sustain social welfare and environmental policies, and create fiscal  redistributive initiatives.

According to James Bovard, a libertarian author who focuses on  writing about government, proponents and businesses seeking to expand  abroad claim there is little or no evidence of national governments’  decline. Congress, along with many policy strategists, seems to think  that whatever the effects of globalization on governments, they are  likely to be beneficial for long-term economic growth (Bovard, 1987).


Analyze the claims laid out in this controversy, and try to argue  the strongest case you can in favor of the view or views you find most  convincing. In doing so, be sure to seriously consider the case that  your opponents might make against your position, and why you would  reject it. Use the Internet or Strayer databases to research evidence  that supports your opinion. Determine your point of view on the issue,  and support your position with information from at least three reliable,  relevant, peer-reviewed references.

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Create a PowerPoint presentation that covers the following:

  • Provide a brief description of the issue.
  • Present evidence that supports both sides of the argument.
  • In the Notes section of each information slide, you must write a  narrative of what you would say if you were presenting in person.
  • Provide at least three reliable, relevant, peer-reviewed references.

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