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Each student should be prepared to participate in the financing of their team’s group project. Estimate $25-$50 per student.


Course Description:

This course is designed to help you pull everything you’ve learned in previous PRAD courses together to solve real world marketing communication problems. It’s less about learning new material, and more about putting the knowledge you already have to use as you develop a real advertising campaign for a real client. Working as a team, you will approach the communication problem you are given the same way an advertising agency would when working for a new client. Lectures and in-class discussions throughout the quarter will help facilitate this process, but your ability to work together as a team (both inside and outside of class) will be critical in developing a successful campaign.


Course Objectives:

· Review advertising basics from previous courses e.g. market research, targeting, creative brief writing.

· Develop a thorough understanding of the entire advertising campaign process and how it is put together to help solve client needs.

· Analyze a client’s advertising/marketing problems and opportunities based on a thorough background research and situation analysis.

· Understand how to develop a marketing communication strategy, set realistic advertising objectives, and conduct relevant research.

· Write a creative brief encompassing all of the above.

· Develop strategic advertising messages for the intended target based off of brief.

· Develop creative and relevant media planning and buying recommendations

· Make realistic evaluation and budget recommendations

· Sharpen the skills necessary to be an advertising professional

· Understand how to work collaboratively as part of a team.

· Gain experience presenting to a real client (some teams)

· Develop a campaign book that will showcase your work to future employers

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