Your job is to educate the class about the problem. You should focus on the following:

Your job is to educate the class about the problem. You should focus on the following:

Define the problem. What are we talking about? Why should we care about this problem? What are the primary causes of this problem? Tell us about them. What solutions have already been tried? Did they work? Why or why not? What are your proposed solutions? Why will these work? Why should we try to implement these solutions? What are some possible counterarguments to your proposed solutions? What would your opponents say? What do you say to those arguments/criticisms? Address these areas and convince your audience of your ideas using a healthy mixture of kairos, ethos, pathos, and logos. Convince us this is a problem we should care about and want to solve. Use persuasive appeals to convince us.

Introduction: Introduce the problem, assuming the audience does not know the prompt. Make sure your introduction grabs the audience’s attention. Use at least one introduction strategy to begin the presentation in an interesting way. Please review the following website – which covers how to develop an introduction: (

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Thesis Statement: A basic thesis statement could look like: [X Problem] is a troublesome problem in Houston that can be solved (or improved) by [Solution 1], [Solution 2], [Solution 3], and [Solution 4]. Every solution you will discuss in the presentation should be listed in your thesis statement in the order that they will appear in the body of the presentation. The number of solutions is up to you.

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