The primary purpose of the communication management plan is to define the communication requirement for the project on expanding the operation of Lenovo Group Ltd. into Vietnam and how information will be distributed.

It should be in a PowerPoint (or equivalent presentation program) format and include not more than twenty (20) slides. Each slide should be titled and contain between three to five (3-5) bullet points, with or without graphics (as you choose.) The bullets should reflect the talking points around which you will deliver your presentation.

My parts of the communication plan:

Introduction and Purpose

The primary purpose of the communication management plan is to define the communication requirement for the project on expanding the operation of Lenovo Group Ltd. into Vietnam and how information will be distributed. Among the key items that the plan communicates are the goals and objectives of the project, the information to be delivered, how it will be communicated, when it will be disclosed, who will provide the information, the recipients of the information, communication requirements on the basis of roles, and assessment of effectiveness of communications.

Generally, the project communication plan shall allow for communication to be open between all stakeholders. This plan will consist of the managers for the Indian and Vietnam location to relay most of the information throughout the entire project. The members of the project management team will plan on time for the activities to take place, plan on when staff members will be recruited and trained, secure a location for the training of employees to occur, as well as other duties which need to be communicated as they come up. Most communications will be held as face to face communications. This will allow time for all team and other stakeholders to have their questions answered immediately and a thorough understanding of what is expected.

Conference calls will also be utilized when face to face communications are not feasible. This method will also ensure information is accurately communicated to the required parties and discussions can be accurately be held. All communication by conference calls should be followed up by a confirmation email outlining what was discussed and agreed upon. Administrative assistants should utilize the company’s intranet to post the training schedule and should also send out electronic invitations through Outlook. This will allow the training appointment to be logged on everyone’s calendar.

Office managers and administrative assistants will have the responsibility to ensure every patient gets a copy of the new guidelines, what the offices are doing to comply and signed the authorization for the release of any personal information. New procedures will also be posted the company’s intranet site for anyone hired after the training period. After the training, office managers will have the responsibility to answer any additional questions from staff or patients regarding the new guidelines for the release of personal information. They will also be responsible for training any new hires hired after the training. The team will stay updated on the requirements and regulations of multinational trade, especially those for Vietnam the target location.

Communications Plan Goals

· Face to Face communications

· Video chatting

· Cell phone for conference calls or one-on-one calls

· Email

· Utilize SharePoint for quick document sharing throughout the project

· Microsoft Outlook

The Communications plan has several goals which it seeks to achieve with regards to the project. One of the goals is to raise awareness on the proposed plan to enter the Vietnam market of PCs and smartphones and build factories for the manufacture of the products in the new location. The program also aims at engaging all the relevant stakeholders in the project including the management team, employees, and customers (Vietnamese) among others. The project’s spokesperson is the project CEO, Yang Yuanqing, who will be making major communications to the stakeholders regarding the project.

Through the communication plan, the employees and customers will be educated on the essential specifics of the project including its scope, goals, objectives, time frame, benefits, and expected challenges. Champions will be recruited through the formal recruitment procedure, and they will mostly be from Vietnam as well as present Lenovo project management officers. Employees will be inspired and motivated to actively participate in the program because this project will not only be a benefit to them but also the Vietnam market, and the Lenovo Company. The employees will be remunerated on terms that will be agreed upon commencement of the project. All questions, rumors, concerns, suggestions, and recommendations will at all-time be responded to in time. The employees will be actively involved in the project through communication and participation in decision making, and they shall be compensated based on the performance of the project.

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