Teaching Project Total points: 72

Teaching Project

Total points: 72

Intro slide: 2 points

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Who you taught slide: 22 points

What you taught slide: 22 points

Learner’s response slide: 22 points

Picture slide: 2 points

Reference slide: 2 points.

Significant points are deducted if a slide is missing the voice over.

Please contact me via course messaging with any questions.

1st slide (15 points):

–    Introduction

· Family Demographic information

· History of family

· Their family environmental date

2nd slide (15 points):

· Family structure and functions

· What family stress they encountered?

3rd slide (15 points):

· Your nursing diagnosis

· Why did you choose this nursing diagnosis?

4th slide (15 points):

· Nursing intervention ( be very specific with what you taught and how)

5th slide (12 points):

· Nursing evaluation

· Learners’ response

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