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The topics that will be covered in this presentation will include workplace setting, your employment contract, collaborative agreement, the APRN practice protocol, assessment and evaluation, and funding and payments. You’re also going to be assessed on the visual quality, audio quality, and APA grammar. The presentation should be about five to seven minutes in length. So we’re going to look at a little bit more of these topics in detail. The workplace setting is worth ten points and dream big and have fun with this. It can be anything you want it to be. There’s no right or wrong in this situation, the sky’s the limit. Is it going to be an outpatient clinic? Is it an already established clinic that you wanted to join or do you want to go out and venture on your own and open your own clinic? Is an inpatient. Are you joining a hospital list group? Do you want to work in a NICU? Do you want to open your own birthing center? What kind of practice do you have in mind? Again, there’s no limit, there’s no right or wrong. You also need to tell us the attributes of the practice. Where will this practice be located? What type of practice? What is the size of the practice? What is the area that you serve? You will need to assess, is there a need for this clinic or practice in the area you want to open? Where you want it to open. If open a clinic in a town of 500 people and there’s already 300 clinics there, is that going to be a viable practice. Or should you maybe consider joining a clinic that already exists? Is there a need for the clinic in your town? Will you have patients for that, these are some very important concepts you want to evaluate because for a clinic or any kind of practice to be successful, you have to ask patients to see. Also, are there going to be people who will work in your clinic? Will you have nurses available, medical assistant, secretaries, the folks who do the payroll, all of those answering service, housekeeping, all those types of things. You just need to be thinking about that when you’re joining your clinic or hospital setting. If the hospital locally doesn’t have a NICU or don’t use certified nurse midwives, allow them to give, to deliver babies there, is the survival place for you to work? The next piece is the employment contract, and this is worth ten points. Of course, for this, you’re not going to be able to go into the money details of every item that’s going to be covered on an employment contract that you learned about in previous modules. But I didn’t want you to tell us what are the top three essentials for your contract, is not taken col important to you? Is being off on a certain school holidays important to you? Is having a month’s vacation important to you? Are benefits important to you? Maybe they’re not. So what are the top three things that will have to be a part of your employment contract before you’re going to work there? Is this a solo practice? Are you the one running it? Is it you and another nurse practitioner? Are you working with physicians? Is it a hospital and clinic. What are some of those details? Which ones are the most important to you? The collaborative agreement is worth 15 points. Now not all states require collaborative agreement. If you have independent practice, writes in your states, and don’t have to have a collaborating physician then just state that and move on. But if you do have to have a collaborating physician, then go into detail about what that will include. What does that look like for you in your practice? The next is the APR in practice protocols. So describe what is necessary to practice in your state. Again, it’s going to reflect what level of practice authority APRNs have in your state and that’s going to vary state to state. So just make sure you’re covering all the details as to what is necessary in your state. Assessment and evaluation. This is worth 15 points as well. How will the effectiveness of your practice be evaluated? Is it going to come from patient feedback? Is going to come from co-worker feedback? Or from the RNs and medical assistance that work with you or is it coming from your peers of other practitioners or physicians who will be evaluating you? Is it the owner of the clinic? Is it the hospital? Hospital list group, is it the peer? If you co-own a clinic, is your coworker evaluating you? Just who will be evaluating you at? How often will this evaluation be completed? Is it six months and they nearly as it every year and then what will the impact of that baby? Will you get a raise? Will you get more shares of the company? Will you get more vacation time. There’s lots of ways that evaluations can be lots of benefits from good evaluation. How would you like to be compensated for good evaluation. Funding, and payments, this is worth 15 points. You need to consider how will your practice be funded. Is it a private practice? Or is it a hospital type practice? Is that a clinic that’s owned by the hospital? What types of pavements are you going to accept? Are you going to take accept Medicaid and Medicare, third-party payments, sliding scale. There’s all different kinds of payments that we’ve learned about, especially in the previous module, in Module 12. Module 12 where we discussed the finance. What types of payment are you going to expect? How much do you want to make your first year in practice? How many patients are you going to have to see monthly to make that happen, so to speak? How are you going to earn your weight if you join a practice that’s already established. But you expect to make a 100,000 a year. How many patients are you going to have to see to make that much money? Because you’re going to have to bring in more patients to see them, to be able to get paid for your services. You need to start thinking deaths, the financial piece of this. You need to start thinking through it. It’s not just I’m going to make 110,000 a year. How are you going to help your business if you aren’t enough money that you’re wanting to make $110,000 a year.

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