Economics Individual Study Project

Economics Individual Study Project


This assignment is intended to asses your knowledge, application and analytical skills in recommending economic actions currently faced by the economies around the world.

We have discussed different macroeconomic objectives in class and how government takes policies to achieve those objectives.

Think like an Economist!

In this project you are going to explore the real macroeconomic world. You will work with a selected country and research on it’s macroeconomic policies. You will describe and evaluate and most importantly recommend macroeconomic policies. Welcome to the world of Economists!!!

What to do?

* Choose ANY ONE country that you think may have interesting economic stories to reveal. I would suggest to focus on developing countries.


The assignment is divided into two sections:

* Presentation – 15%

* Interview – 5%

Presentation Layout:

* You will make a 8 minutes presentation on the topic that you have selected.

* The materials should be equally presented by each of the members.

* Your presentation should have the following contents:

o A brief introduction to the country you have chosen for the project

o Major macroeconomic data (GDP, GNP, Economic growth rate, unemployment rate, inflation rate, Balance of payment etc.)

o Major macroeconomic issues faced by the country (e.g; recession, BOP deficit, inflation or higher unemployment etc.)

o Description of major macroeconomic policies taken by the government

o Your own evaluation on those policies

Need graph and analysis!

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