“Create your own crime” Project Two

“Create your own crime” Project Two


The story:

A murder has been committed in which there are multiple suspects. You, the investigator, examine the crime scene and find DNA evidence of the perpetrator on the victim. You analyze the DNA and get its fingerprint. You obtain a DNA sample either by luck or through a legal warrant. You compare their DNA to your sample. A positive ID is made from your efforts and with the motive and method linked to the correct suspect you arrest the perpetrator.


The assignment:

This assignment is much like the project you did during the CSI unit at the beginning of the year. You will use your already created mock crime and present a Power point of how the crime was solved.


What will be different is that the previous Ppt only described the initial, preliminary investigation and won’t carry me through the outcome of the crime. This project will summarize the entire mystery.


Also, in this investigation there will be multiple suspects biologically related to each other. Thus, you will have to create several motives and plausible opportunities allowing for the killer to commit the crime.


Your murderer will have left a sample of his/her DNA on either the victim or the murder weapon: blood, sweat, hair; your choice but there must be a plausible reason for it being there. A murderer’s blood does’t just magically get left behind so be able to explain it.


If you need some ideas for how DNA can get left behind, check out this chart I found in the textbook:














Which suspect will be arrested will be determined by testing the DNA evidence and comparing it with the suspects’ DNA. You will have to figure out how your investigator gets a sample of their DNA. I doubt the suspects would give it to you voluntarily. You can either obtain a warrant for the DNA (we’ll learn later what you need to do) or you can get lucky and find it as part of your investigation.


You will have to include prints of all DNA tested: the evidence that was found at the scene and the samples obtained from your suspects to prove that they match. Obviously, you won’t be able to do an actual DNA test; kits can be expensive. But you can describe how the procedure is done and create mock prints on graph paper.

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