Assignment – Confucius and Western Leader

Assignment – Confucius and Western Leader


In Part 1 of the Kellerman book, we are introduced to 18 important contributors to the world of management and leadership thoughts. Contrast the leadership of Confucius (Eastern) with that of one Western leader assigned to you.


Here are the questions you should address?

· What is Confucius’ contribution to leadership?

· What is your selected leader’s contribution to leadership? (the one assigned to you. You must refer to the information provided in the textbook)

· From which concept of leadership in Part 1 have you gained the most? Why? Please note that the word is leadership, not leader.


Assignment Guidelines

· Do a PowerPoint (PPT)for this assignment.

· Cover page – 1 slide.

· Content – 3 slides.

· Reference – 1 slide.

· Watch the video Zoom Tutorial

(You may use other methods to record your PowerPoint and your audio and video. Whichever way you choose, I must see your face (facing the camera) in one corner of the PowerPoint).

· Record your PowerPoint assignment with you in the corner of the screen. You must include your script in the Notes below the PPT. The format must be in APA7. Make sure to use correct APA in-text citations for paraphrased ideas and quoted text. (You may use other methods to record your PowerPoint and your audio and video).

· Citations: Please cite page numbers if you are using quotes (remember that I want to see your understanding of the quote, not just the quote – use quotes minimally. Marks will be deducted for lack of citations (at least one citation per page).

· References: You must use Kellerman as your reference for this assignment. Marks will be deducted if external sources are used.

· When you are done, please upload your recording on YouTube.


Due Date

· Please check the due date in Moodle and upload your YouTube link and your PowerPoint in Moodle Dropbox.

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