5.2 Management and business administration

5.2 Management and business administration

5.2.1 Management Team

In order to turn ideas into a feasible business plan, five founding members have taken on distinct roles based on their expertise and skills. These include the roles of Technical Director, Marketing Director, Managing Director, Corporate Social Responsibility Director and Finance Director.

Managing Director

Mahoney Andrew is our Managing Director. As an engineer in the construction industry he gained a vast amount of experience in project management. The followings are his responsibilities in the management team:


  • Developing and executing the company’s business strategies
  • Building and maintaining an effective management team
  • Overseeing the company’s financial performance and investments
  • Planning office and plant operations and market promotion activities
  • Making sure company policies and legal guidelines are communicated and followed at all times
  • Acting as the public speaker on behalf of the company

Technical Director (NPD and Production)

Lai Ting Chi is our Technical Director. He has always interested in high-tech industry. The followings are his responsibilities in the management team:


  • Offering technical support in the prototype development and ensuring timely delivery
  • Working collaboratively with all directors throughout development
  • Monitoring & managing production issues accordingly
  • Developing a budget of R&D and trail production
  • Acting as a mentor for key staff
  • Enforcing standard policies and procedures in production process

Marketing Director

Sedghi Ramtin is the Marketing Director. He has a good understanding about how market operates. The followings are his responsibilities in the management team:


  • Setting marketing strategy in accordance with company’s overall objectives
  • Providing short- and long-term market forecasts by collecting, analyzing and interpreting market data
  • Setting prices and preparing plans to launch products and implement promotional campaign
  • Developing marketing staff through organizing training sessions and offering educational opportunities

Finance Director

Ye Sijun is our Finance Director. He accumulated lots of financial knowledge from his postgraduate programme. The followings are his responsibilities in the management team:

  • Taking control of the company’s accounting system to ensure a robust financial system
  • Working closely with other directors to plan the growth of the company
  • Taking ultimate responsibility for the company cash management policies
  • Ensuring that the company meet all regulatory requirements in business practice

Corporate Social Responsibility Director

Fu Yeyang is the Corporate Social Reprehensibility Director. He is a postgraduate student studying advanced mechanical engineering. Having completing a selective course named Business Study during the second year of undergraduate study in Jilin University, he has accumulated some basic knowledge on how a business develops. The followings are his responsibilities in the management team:

  • Identifying social and environmental risks or opportunities which are relevant in business development
  • Developing an effective CSR programme encompassing workplace safety, employment and product issues
  • Establishing a mechanism and strategy to engage employees
  • Communicating Corporate and Social Responsibility trends and best practices among all departments
  • Writing CSR report on an annual basis that informs relevant parties of the company’s strategy and performance

Future additions to the management team

Despite a core group of management leaders at the early stage, we need a comprehensive and strong team as well as employees with diverse skill sets to successfully develop out business. We will recruit a company secretary and establish three crucial departments in the future:

Company Secretary

In the future we will need a company secretary to provide an important link and timely communication between the board and our management team. Ideally we hope to recruit someone with a solid education background in law and finance. We have three major responsibilities for a Company Secretary and they are listed as followings:

  • Organizing and preparing for board meetings & following up on actions from meetings
  • Making sure policies are kept up to date
  • Advising on legal, management, accounting and tax implications of policies

Administration Department: HR, Legal Consultant

With the growth of a business, DataFit Ltd will need an administration department consisting of a HR Director, HR staff and a legal consultant. We hope to recruit a HR Director who has the expertise and general business and management skills. We expect the HR Director to assist the company in staff recruitment, training and development.

We also need a legal consultant who have in depth knowledge of the local legal environment and is able to give reliable suggestions on legal documentation, negotiations and contracts.

Manufacturing Department:Software Engineers,Quality Control Engineers,Operation Staff

When we set up plants for batch production, we will need a manufacturing department in our organization. The major duty of this department is to produce finished DataFitPT by assembly parts.

Software engineers are essential staff in this department. With expertise in software technology, they are expected to Research, design, develop, and test operating software. Their typical work in our company involves investigating current applications, designing specifications for our product and writing operating manuals. Softwares are important components in our service and they will need constant updates. Given the situation, it is imperative to bring in software specialists to complete our team, as currently none of us is capable of doing this job.

Quality control engineers are expected to work with procurement engineers to establish a quality standard. Meanwhile they are responsible for designing our company’s quality procedures, standards and specifications as well as supervising production process.

Given the central position of the manufacturing department in our company, we will need operation staff, whose major responsibilities are planning production activities, controlling resources and communicating with procurement engineers and quality control engineers to keep production running smoothly.

Marketing Department: Sales Representative, Advertisement Specialist, Market Analyst, Public Relation Practitioner

Apart from our current marketing director, we need a stronger marketing team to ensure the company’s growth. Three positions are currently needed: sales representative, advertisement specialist and market analyst.

The core responsibilities of a sales representative are selling DataFitPT to existing and prospective customers. They will be assigned on business trips to gyms all over the country to demonstrate our products.

An advertisement specialist is responsible for planning online and off-line advertisement campaigns to promote the product and planning company events.

A market analyst is needed to study latest information and data and ultimately to assist marketing director to make informed decisions in terms of where and how to launch our products and when and how to make a price change.

A PR practitioner is someone who creates, manages and maintains relationships with the public that a business serves. Our PR practitioner works in the field of public relations and does everything for a company that will keep them in a good light with the public and with private entities that could be beneficial to the company.

Employment & Labor Law Policy

The product will be manufactured by Foxconn, which is located in Shenzheng City, Guangdong Province, south of China, while the management office is here at Liverpool. Given the complexity of setting up factory outside the UK, we’ve carefully considered employment laws in two countries to design a policy which enables us to meet both Britain’s and China’s legal requirements and the main points are listed as followings:

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