For this assignment assume you are working in the Human Resources department of a large insurance company

For this assignment assume you are working in the Human Resources department of a large insurance company. The company relies on having a well-educated workforce, especially in the fast-moving field of information technology. To help employees stay current, the company has started offering lunch-time seminars on special topics. To get things rolling, your boss asks you to prepare a presentation on one of the following 7 topics:

Digital Rights Management
Creative Commons
History of Computing Hardware
The Internet
Computer Program
Artificial Intelligence

Pick a topic above and create a PowerPoint presentation that summaries the topic. The hyperlinks on the topics above take you to the Wikipedia article for the topic. You are free to use another information source, but the quality of your source should be as good as or better than that of the Wikipedia article. If you do use another source, be sure to site your source in your presentation.

The audience for your presentation are entry-level corporate employees that have some computer experience but are by no means experts.

Since this is an assignment designed to exercise your PowerPoint skills, there are certain requirements:

Your presentation should have 7 or more slides.
Your presentation should use a specific PowerPoint theme (something other than the default “Office Theme”).
Your presentation should have a title page that includes a subtitle with your name and affiliation.
Enter some text in the speaker notes area on at least the first two slides.
At least one of the slides should have a multi-level bulleted list.
At least one of the slides should contain a picture.
Your presentation should contain at least one transition.
Animate the bullets of a slide so they fade in one-by-one. Hint, use the Animations tab and Animations group.

Once you are finished, save your work as PP-ASN.pptx and submit it through Blackboard.
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